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About SQA

SQA provides services and software for global quality assurance.

Clients leverage our team of more than 8,000 quality professionals in over 50 countries as an extension of their supplier quality organizations.

About STEPQ Software

STEPQ is a scalable web-based application that enables our clients to manage, measure and develop their suppliers to improve quality and drive down cost.


Recommended Software Requirements
Although STEPQ is web based, there are special plug-ins we recommend that allow users to take advantage of STEPQ enhanced features such as integrated charts and multi-file uploads.

Baseline Requirements - Will allow you to operate within STEPQ without its enhanced features
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 3+

Optimal Requirements - Will allow you to operate within STEPQ with all its enhanced features
  • Resolution: 1280x768
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+
  • Browser Plugin: Adobe Flash Player
    • The flash plugin will allow you to view interactive charts and leverage the multi-file upload feature